The True Summer Vibe… as you like it!

19th Jul 2021

The True Summer Vibe… as you like it!
Experience Sun-kissed flavours at La Boca

As any true islander will tell you, summer vibes are all about doing whatever you like to do, however you like, in a chilled-out atmosphere with absolutely no stress and no hassle. Great food, drinks and company are always a staple part of the #SummerVibe mix, and La Boca makes sure its visitors always get what they come for!

Whatever you like, however you like:
With its signature fresh, fast and fun approach to quality food, La Boca’s menu includes something for everyone, at any time of the day.

Enjoy a vegetarian Trio di Bruschetta with mushrooms, peppers, tomato and mozzarella, and refresh yourself with a satisfying Insalata Di Mare, with mixed salad topped with a generous serving of shrimp, mussels, baby squid and octopus.

Pizza lovers can let the flavours of a delicious Prosciutto Di Parmesana, take them on a tasty trip to Italy, while pasta lovers can enjoy the same route with a classic Bolognaise, Gnocchi with creamy gorgonzola cheese sauce or a traditional oven baked Cannelloni Ricotta e Spinaci.

And for those who want to enjoy the La Boca vibe, but lean towards flavours from the far East, the Asian Corner has just what’s needed to hit the spot, with a wide choice of noodle dishes featuring proteins such as chicken, beef and prawns, with added salmon, pancetta and tuna topping extras as well as teriyaki, Szechuan or sweet and sour sauce.

Chilled out atmosphere:
However great the food is, the La Boca experience, isn’t just about tantalizing the taste buds. It’s also about providing an easy-going and a relaxing environment that can be enjoyed by groups of friends, families, business acquaintances and even solo diners, of all ages!

While the La Boca restaurant at Columbia Plaza offers the chic outdoor elegance of its well-lit and super comfy courtyard, the La Boca restaurant at Spyrou Kyprianou, next to Columbia Confectionary, also offers the same casual vibe, with ample shade and cozy nooks for small and large groups as well as a rustic look and feel that pairs perfectly with each and every flavor-packed dish served. 

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