The return of the Ramen

27th Oct 2020

The Return of the Ramen

Ramen recipes are back on the Pokeloha menu, ready to soothe both body and soul for the upcoming winter months, and our island-wide fans couldn’t be happier. But apart from that wholesome warmth that comes with each slurp, what is it that makes people from all around the world, embrace the rise of the ramen trend with such genuine heartfelt love?

It’s all about the broth

You can be sure that any restaurant proudly serving its own ramen, has spent tireless hours perfecting its signature broth, which is the true unsung hero of the dish. At Pokeloha, we have developed a deeply flavorful vegetable broth which is carefully made to delicately accompany any chosen topping by enhancing added flavours rather than restraining them.

Everyone loves noodles

Noodles are one of those special kinds of foods that break all cultural barriers. While various types are used for ramen dishes across the globe, at Pokeloha we prefer freshly made egg noodles, which add a rich and subtly sweet flavor while also offering a significant source of vitamins and minerals.

You can’t top our toppings

Another aspect that makes ramen such an easy favourite, is its flexibility. Ramen dishes can be tailored to suit each and every flavor palette, no matter how discerning, because the bulk of its taste lies in the chosen toppings. At Pokeloha we offer five signature ramen bowls with various delectable topping combinations, which can also be further customized with additional proteins or noodles.


  1. Chicken (chicken, egg, baby corn and spring onion topped with fresh coriander)
  2. Hot Chili Prawn (prawns, sweet chili sauce, spring onion, fresh ginger, red chili and a squeeze of lime)
  3. Duck (boneless duck, ponzu sauce, spring onion, bean sprouts, black and white sesame, pickled ginger and fresh coriander)
  4. Tofu (tofu, honey ginger, fresh ginger, spring onion, baby corn and fresh coriander)
  5. Hot Chilli Beef (prime beef fillet, sweet chilli sauce, spring onion, fresh ginger, red chilli, pepper blend and fresh coriander)

Find out more about Pokeloha here, and make sure you visit our store at Columbia Plaza to enjoy your very own seasonal special ramen bowl.