‘The Brunch Series’ by Columbia Beach is Back!

10th Nov 2021

Spectacular city lights, vibrant nightlife, cool walks on the beach, cozy moments by the fireplace… there are many reasons why Limassol is a great place to be during the winter season... and brunch at Columbia Beach is one of them!

Our ‘Brunch Series’ is back, with exciting new specials and all your favourite classics, ready to fill you up with feel-good flavours all week long. Treat yourself to a premium yet casual experience, bridging breakfast and lunch in the most delicious way possible, while taking in spectacular seafront views.  

Tuck into modern brunch signatures such as our unmatched Eggs Benedict and Croque Madame, or try brand new dishes such as our impressive Brunch Tower with a selection of savoury and sweet bites, sandwiches, cakes, muffins and croissants.

Fuel up on creative fusion options such as our new vegan selections like our fully satisfying Avocado and Edamame toast topped with pomegranate and pine nuts, as well as some new healthy vegetarian items like overnight chia oats with bananas and walnuts, for that all-important plant-based energy boost.

Dessert lovers will also be happy to hear that a few more guilt-free options have also been added to the menu, including our much-loved pancakes with stevia chocolate and stevia ice cream or maple syrup and mixed berries.

This year, for the first time ever, you can upgrade your brunch experience with selections from our exclusive brunch cocktail menu, as created and recommended by our inhouse mixologists, to complete yet another… unforgettable meal at Columbia Beach!

Brunch will be served from 09:00 till 15:00, every day, including weekends.

See you soon.