Sweets for my Sweet by Columbia Confectionery

8th Feb 2021

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Columbia Confectionery.

They say all you need is love. But a little chocolate every now and then doesn’t hurt. In fact, it can only make everything better.

Sweeten up the sweetest day of the year with Columbia Confectionery’s special Valentine’s Day selection and enjoy indulgent treats that are a true testament to your shared passion and commitment. With a first-class selection of delicious Valentine’s day gifts and delights for all ages and all tastes, you and your loved one will be truly… spoiled for choice.

This year, options range from simple and traditional to fun and decadent, so you can make sure your gift will impress, no matter what his or her desires may be! For classic yet extraordinary goodies, try a box of Chocolate Bon Bons, Love at First Bite artisan chocolates, love themed cake pops, Valentine’s cupcakes and sugar cookies. You can also find heart-shaped individual or shareable desserts for two, filled with vanilla rose petal and almond mousse, raspberry filling and cocoa biscuit.

If you want to go a little above and beyond with a uniquely sweet treat, we’d suggest our one-of-a-kind Artisan Chocolate Gift Box, handmade chocolate presented in a wooden case with a small hammer to break through the gorgeous heart chocolate surface at the center.

3D cake creations of classic designer handbags filled with Doukissa cake, are equally stunning, as are chocolatey sculptures presented in luxury forms such as high heeled shoes made of handcrafted chocolate.

And if you can’t make up your mind, why not give him or her… everything? Our specially prepared gift hampers in various sizes, include assorted combinations of all our signature and Valentine’s Day products, including Macaroons, Bon Bons, Balleros, Truffles, Hot Chocolate Sticks and more, paired with carefully selected wines.

Find the Valentine’s collection at Columbia Confectionery stores (Spyrou Kyprianou and Columbia Plaza). Take advantage of online ordering with our reserve and pick up service through our website or simply order for quick, easy and contactless all-day delivery via the Bolt Food app.