Say Aloha to Pokeloha!

4th Jan 2019

Say Aloha

…to the new deliciously healthy trend straight from Hawaii

The new Pokéloha restaurant is the latest addition to the already impressive Columbia Restaurants portfolio. Located at the bustling multipurpose centre Columbia Plaza, in Agiou Andreou street at the heart of Limassol, the new restaurant embraces a whole new eatery concept that’s bound to win the hearts (and stomachs) of foodies everywhere, as well as those looking for nutritious options without sacrificing exciting flavours.

The Poké trend started in Hawaii as a deconstructed sushi option and quickly spread to body-conscious California and gourmet loving London. Now, it comes to Cyprus with a refined menu which includes Mediterranean flavours, premium ingredients and a fun, quick-serving experience.

Poké bowls cater to even the most discerning taste buds while introducing the ‘clean eating’ and ‘raw food’ movement that tastes great and is great for you! Just choose from a range of signature dishes or ‘build-your-own’ in 6 easy steps.

1) Choose your base (rice, quinoa or greens)
2) Choose your protein (seafood, steamed chicken or tofu)
3) Choose your marinade (selection of sweet, spicy and umami flavours)
4) Mix in your veggies and fruits
5) Pimp it up with your choice of nuts and other exotic flavours
6) Add final touches with inspired sauces

Follow @pokeloha on Facebook and Instagram and make sure you visit Pokéloha for take away or dine in to experience endless combinations of light yet explosive flavours, the likes of which you have never had the opportunity to experience in Cyprus before.