Join the Ramen Revolution at Pokéloha

3rd Feb 2020

All around the world, the once-hot bowl of comfort served primarily to university students pulling all-nighters, is making a fast comeback and returning to its rightful place as a global culinary icon. The ramen revolution is here to stay and Pokéloha, true to its persistence to make sure Cyprus never falls short on exotic food trends, introduces all-new delicious Ramen bowls to its winter menu.

With over a hundred years of history, ramen has come full circle with regards to international appreciation, as these often hand-made springy wheat noodles, accompanied by nourishing and flavour-packed broths, whose recipes were often shrouded in secrecy, have now returned as a powerful form of haute cuisine. Today’s ramen bowls, prepared by true masters of delectable palette-exciting tastes, are the perfect collision between tradition and innovation, and the Pokéloha menu, is a true testament to the reasons behind this new worldwide ramen rebirth.

Pokéloha entices its visitors to warm both body and soul with five new ramen bowl specials, which can also be customized with extra protein or more noodles:

  1. Chicken (vegetable soup broth, egg noodles, chicken, egg, baby corn and spring onion topped with fresh coriander)
  2. Hot Chili Prawn (vegetable soup broth, egg noodles, prawns, sweet chilli sauce, spring onion, fresh ginger, red chilli and a squeeze of lime)
  3. Duck (vegetable soup broth, egg noodles, boneless duck, ponzu sauce, spring onion, bean sprouts, black and white sesame, pickled ginger and fresh coriander)
  4. Tofu (vegetable soup broth, egg noodles, tofu, honey ginger, fresh ginger, spring onion, baby corn and fresh coriander)
  5. Hot Chili Beef (vegetable soup broth, egg noodles, prime beef fillet, sweet chilli sauce, spring onion, fresh ginger, red chilli, pepper blend and fresh coriander)

Slurp away and find out for yourself, why the ramen scene is notoriously gaining ground across the globe. For more information, visit or simply drop by the Pokéloha restaurant at Columbia Plaza in Limassol.