EGGS-eptional Easter selection by Columbia Confectionery

14th Apr 2022

With Easter just around the corner, the smell of freshly made, baked, shaped and… caked chocolate is wafting from our stores and tantalizing the senses of all who pass by. Our seasonal specials give our bakers and pastry chefs the chance to showcase all their incredible skills, and this year is absolutely no exception.

Discover the #Easter2022 fasting menu
This year, we have tweaked our already impressive vegan recipes, perfected some classics and rolled out a few stunning (if we do say so ourselves) newcomers. Those fasting will be happy to know their sweet tooth will be fully satisfied once again, with tempting options such as our decadent chocolate cake topped with mouth-watering chocolate sauce, refreshingly tangy lemon meringue and classic fruit tartlets featuring our signature vegan cream.

We take our chocolate eggs seriously
You already know our chocolatiers go all out when making our exclusive chocolate eggs, so you will not be surprised to know that our new Easter gift range is already leaving the tastiest of impressions.
If you are looking for something extra special, our showstoppers include beautifully designed extra-large milk chocolate eggs filled with our classic balleros, artisan chocolate bars and always-fun-to-eat jellybeans. You will also find smaller but equally impressive designs featuring raspberry and crunchy hazelnut praline as well as novelty 3D sculpted options in uniquely fun designs.

Tradition with a modern twist
Our #Easter2022 menu would not be complete without a delicious nod to tradition. Tsoureki is a deliciously soft sweet bread served during Easter, and we make our classic with a tried and tested authentic Greek recipe; but of course, we do not stop there. If you are feeling adventurous try our Tsourekia with a modern twist filled with rich Bueno, chestnut or hazelnut spread, topped with milk or white chocolate.
You will also find our best-selling and perfectly baked Flaounes with or without resins, to avoid the typical Easter disputes at the table.

Order your Easter specials today
If you want a quick ‘taste-testing’ snack to be enjoyed with our exclusively brewed coffee, you’ll find select items from our #Easter2022 menu on the Bolt Food app, while all items can be found at all three stores.
For large orders, or to make sure your selections are available at the exact date and time you need them, remember to pre-order and make use of our easy pickup service by calling 25892410 or visiting

We wish you all a very happy and deliciously tasty Easter!