Dry Age Steaks Coming To Columbia Steak House

27th Jul 2018

The COLUMBIA Steakhouse is a meeting place where food (especially Steaks of highest quality) and drinks are shared by friends and heat, warmth and an all-embracing energy surround.

columbia fridge with meat

Brand new offer of Dry-Aged Beef at Columbia Steakhouse

Beef needs aging. And aging needs time. Dry Aging – translated “to mature dry” – is the traditional way of aging meat to produce an extraordinary tender and intense flavor. An old technique, long time before the refrigerator was developed, through which beef reaches the highest possible grade. In order to obtain the perfect steak, no another method of preparation is needed, rather an old turned new maturing process.

columbia steak house kitchen

Why dry-aged beef tastes better

All fresh beef is aged for at least few days and up to several weeks to allow enzymes naturally present in the meat to break down the muscle tissue, resulting in improved texture and flavor. These days, most beef is aged in plastic shrink-wrap—a process known as wet-aging. Dry-aged beef, on the other hand, is exposed to air so dehydration can further concentrate the meat’s flavor. It’s a more expensive process than wet-aging, however, because the meat loses weight from dehydration, and it also must be trimmed of its completely dried exterior.

Dry age steaks are coming soon to the Columbia Steak House. Follow us on Facebook for updates!