Supporting Cyprus Anti Cancer Society

18th Feb 2022

Columbia Restaurants Support Initiatives
for the Cyprus Anticancer Society

While Columbia Restaurants is committed to serving you the very best of everything we have to offer at all times, we are also dedicated to supporting local organisations that offer the very best of themselves for the greater good. 

This is why our current Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives focus on supporting an Organization that is near and dear to our hearts. The Cyprus Anticancer Society works closely with cancer patients and their families, offering palliative care according to international standards, as well as information regarding prevention, diagnosis and treatment, for the wider public. The important work the Organization carries out on an everyday basis, rests on the shoulders of a dedicated team of professionals and volunteers, who have already transformed the way we perceive and approach the known, and sometimes hidden, impact of cancer, island wide.

In order to show our gratitude for the mark they have and will continue to make, on the lives of those struggling with cancer, we have committed to offering consistent financial support to the cause by donating a significant part of the proceeds from specific menu items, to the Organization.

Should you want to help us in our efforts, please consider the following donation-through-purchase menu items, during your next order, for dine in, take away or delivery:

  • Pizza Express: Cipriota pizza
  • La Boca: Greca pizza
  • Columbia Beach: Pink Dream cocktail



Together, we are always stronger.