Columbia Steak House: Tripadvisor Travelers’ Choice Award 2021

11th Aug 2021

At Columbia Steak House, we strive to offer excellent service at all times, A-Grade quality ingredients and sumptuous dishes, in a high-end atmosphere that will open up superb experiences to each and every visitor.

This has been our promise to you since the day we first opened our doors, which is why we are proud and absolutely delighted to announce that we have been awarded with the Tripadvisor Travelers’ Choice Award 2021.

Formerly known as a Certificate of Excellence, this prestigious award recognizes consistent traveler appraisals and great visitor reviews, placing us in the 10% of hospitality establishments worldwide!

Although it has been a challenging year for the hospitality and restaurant industry on a global scale, there is something very special about celebrating milestones achieved during unprecedented times. We promise to continue to focus on exceptional service and quality, so that your vote of confidence, will be well deserved throughout the many years to come, and serve as a great source of inspiration for all of us, during the new upcoming season.

Thank you all for your trust and loyalty!