Columbia Restaurants is ‘riding’ in a green direction

20th Aug 2018

Ride-to-Work schemes have become increasingly popular across the world in recent years. And as a leading organisation in Cyprus, Columbia Restaurants are setting an example by teaming up with NextBike to create a free, riding scheme for their staff.


From 15th August– 15th October 2018 the restaurant company will have a number of daily bike rental credits that will be allocated to the staff of Columbia Beach to get to and from work, reducing carbon footprint and promoting healthy living.

What’s great about this partnership is that the staff can leave their bike at any one of the 22 NextBike drop-off points dotted around Limassol, including one located near Columbia Beach. No more having to worry about finding a secure bike shed or stopping point with a padlock. This method of transport is not only reliable and available 24 hours a day; it also encourages a healthier lifestyle.


Providing their staff the option to bike-to-work is one step – or should we say, ride – in the right direction. By working together, Columbia Restaurants and NextBike can promote the reduction of carbon footprint; creating a healthier and more economical environment.