Columbia Pier: Open and already making its mark

20th Feb 2023

Columbia Restaurants is excited to announce its newest addition to Limassol’s ever-evolving café and bar scene. Columbia Pier is now open and already becoming a landmark destination in one of the city’s most iconic areas.

The casual all-day café, eatery and bar is situated right on the seafront, next to the historic Enaerios pier; a nostalgic meeting point, well known for decades amongst locals, as the perfect spot for romantic sunsets, family outings, ice-cream breaks, weekend walks, morning jogs and much more.

With respect to its meaningful landmark location, the distinctive Columbia Pier impresses without intruding through thoughtful organic architecture that blends seamlessly with its surroundings and a simple yet uniquely modern concept enjoyed by all.

Here, one can unwind in a cozy corner with a cup of aromatic coffee or catch up with friends and enjoy relaxing cocktails paired with freshly made salads, juicy burgers, flavour-filled tacos and hearty platters to share.

Operating on a ‘first come, first served’ basis, Columbia Pier makes sure it is as accessible as possible to all, with a special take-out window dedicated to serving passers-by as they cycle around the area or enjoy scenic strolls at the beach.

For more information visit: or better yet, pop in yourself to experience the new Columbia Pier at its best.